Het ontslag van Johan Roijakkers in Varese heeft Italiaanse basketbalkenner verbaasd

Ook in Italië is verrast of misschien wel met ontsteltenis gereageerd op het plotselinge ontslag van Johan Roijakkers bij Varese.

Licenziamento di Roijakkers, uno “schiaffo” al movimento (di Raffaele Baldini)

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The story of Johan Roijakkers’ dismissal in Varese has left me (for the umpteenth time) amazed.  Certainly not for the fact that a coach is alternated in the race, in Italy we are (in) teachers on the subject, but for the justifications put forward by the club.
Studying the “Roijakkers phenomenon” it is clear the references were certainly not of a schoolgirl with a blackboard in her hand, also because otherwise he would not have been able to join the post Vertemati mess in Varese.  Strong methods were needed and a strong man was chosen correctly, a change of mentality was needed and the method could only be “dictatorial”.  Why?  Simple, because Varese no longer had “democratic” margins for recovery, did not have qualitatively elements capable of raising the level of Lombard basketball by themselves, in short, it was in a dead end alley.

The Dutchman turned the team upside down like a sock, launched the beardless young Librizzi and Virginio without asking permission (therefore added value for the club), created a crazy identity within a few days.  Paradoxically, the results take a back seat (albeit extraordinary), what is remarkable is the work done at the base to restructure a group.  The atavistic problem of short memory, the company attributes to Roijakkers methods “over the top” towards players who… have been exalted by the coach himself.  Players who are part of a group that has strengthened thanks to the Dutch, and not despite the Dutch.

And then, even if the methods were not compatible with the corporate code of ethics, is the coach not human and therefore liable to instinctive outbursts of anger?  If they were all the reincarnation of Gandhi, they probably hadn’t enjoyed skills like Bobby Knight, Zelimir Obradovic or Andrea Trinchieri himself, guilty of having kicked a young cesist out of the game.  Did Johan Roijakkers not have enough credit to be forgiven?

What was a courageous choice, the only one of its kind by the Varese society, has become the most inflated (and banal) zero-risk move.  Would Varese have exonerated the coach if he were on 16 points level with Fortitudo Bologna?  No.  And I’ll say more, Reyes’ attitude with Trieste deserved a prank over the top.

One of the most intriguing caesistic pages of our old, conformist, dusty movement closes bitterly.  The “unknown from Holland” who brings innovative methods, ideas and communications is chased out, for good measure of the fourth series bigots.  The “slap” of our fathers, today educational is a social denunciation.  Contemporaneity.